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Yosara trains NLP in South Africa, Spain, India, and Holland, where delegates are presented the NLP program so that they grow at their unique pace and culture.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is often explained as the study of the subjective experience of a person. And what is that about? It is about finding out how experiences are structured and how to work at these structures in order to be how you choose to be in the world. Patterns in language that you hear every day say something about the thinking of the person uttering the language.

Work with these patterns to lead conversations and subsequently lead people in a variety of situations.

Yosara NLP means personal and professional leadership in different areas and stages. In company programs that Yosara NLP offers are uniquely designed to meet the company’s style and outcomes.

Yosara’s training touches deeply and yet her no-nonsense approach surprises in unexpected moments.


Wil je in een inspirerende omgeving leren over NLP, communicatie en het effect van NLP op jouw leven en werk?

Via NLP technieken krijg je inzicht in hoe jij overkomt op anderen, waarin jij wilt groeien, wat je wilt bereiken en hoe je dat doet.

NLP nabij Málaga biedt je de mogelijkheid in een selecte groep te leren hoe jouw unieke persoonlijkheid vorm te geven. Je zult versteld staan van wat je allemaal kan en weet op onbewust niveau. Blij verrast, kan je wel zeggen.

Yosara is als geen ander een professional, een trainer met gedegen inhoudelijke kennis, ervaren in het begeleiden van mensen sinds 2005.

Je keuze voor Málaga is onderdeel van je persoonlijke groei, wat heeft er toe geleid dat je voor Málaga besloot? In ieder geval brengt je keuze je: prachtige in luxe gelegen natuurschoon van bergen en zee. Onze koks verwennen jou, onze yoga (vrijblijvend) enerveert jouw lichaam, en de geluiden van de natuur brengen je in het moment.

Aan de hand van NLP modellen leer je en ervaar je hoe je gericht gebruik maakt van jouw unieke onbewuste structuren in denken. Je ontdekt hoe je leidt, hoe je organiseert, en hoe je anderen beïnvloedt.

PRIJS is € 2995,-  en is inclusief:

  • NLP Practitioner programma
  • NLP Practitioner certificaat na succesvolle afronding
  • syllabus
  • verblijf en alle maaltijden
  • persoonlijke coaching
  • transport van en naar luchthaven in Málaga

Als je wilt deelnemen, stuur je een mail naar: of bel: 0628272753

NLP Master in Spain in 2019

You got your NLP Practitioner or even your NLP Master training and are ready to take the next step in learning. You have discovered about your self and wonder what else is there. The subsequent NLP & Clean Language training gives you the answers to any question you have about any thing. There is more learning about excellence in self and others and learning how to embody excellence then you could imagine. You consciously choose what you contribute in private and business situations and the effect you have by contributing in the way that you do. The methods you practiced during your NLP Courses and/or Coaching work come to light in unexpected ways during your NLP Mastery & Clean Language training. At work we want to be the best professional we can be in order to feel fulfilled. Learn about the structures that make your best self in different situations. Learn how to easily access innate qualities in order to get the results you want. The unconscious is often described as the part of the iceberg under the water that we don’t see. The immeasurable invisible part of us where there are no boundaries, no logicality, no time and no chronological order. There is nothing and there is everything in the unconscious. It is there where all qualities you might want, lay for the picking. Learning with NLP and Clean Language in small groups of max 6 delegates supports any professional coach, leader and business owner in growing personally. This results in growing professionally.

In our beautiful venue in the hills of Málaga, you are invited to participate in Yoga sessions before your NLP  training hours.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served on the terrace or by the pool. You are totally taken care of during your 8 days stay with us.


PRICE: € 2995  excl VAT

INCL.: Stay, meals and course materials


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