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Yosara trains NLP in Holland, Spain, Croatia, and South Africa, where delegates are presented the NLP program so that they grow at their unique pace and culture.

Neuro Linguistisch Programming is often explained as: the study of the subjective experience of a person. And what is that about? It is about finding out how experiences are structured and how to work at these structures in order to be how you choose to be in the world. Patterns in language that you hear every day say something about the thinking of the person uttering the language.

Work with these patterns to lead conversations and subsequently lead people in a variety of situations.

Yosara NLP means personal and professional leadership at different areas and stages. In company programs that Yosara NLP offers are uniquely designed to meet the company’s style and outcomes.

Yosara’s training touches deeply and yet her no-nonsense approach surprises in unexpected moments.


NLP Master training in Croatia with us is a program for anybody that has had basic NLP Training. Trainers, leaders, coaches, business owners and people in between jobs, NLP in Croatia is for you. The group is relatively small. We stay in a beautiful house with views on the transparant waters, cooks come in every morning, we work from 10:00 to 17:00 and continue our learning after 17:00 while enjoying the sunshine.

You are being taken care of throughout your stay and we assist you with travel arrangements, if you require that.

The NLP master program enables to deepen NLP and take you to the next level in leading and learning.

PRICE is € 2795,- and includes:

  • NLP program
  • syllabus
  • stay at the house
  • all meals
  • personal coaching

If Croatia is for you, please send an email to: or call: +31 628272753

You are invited to check Yosara’s first video for an online NLP training.

e-training Lesson 1

First session of online course