To people in the business of NLP, working with what there is, should mean accepting whatever an individual or a group brings to the table and work with that. Including difficult behaviour. Working with what they bring is the easiest path to bring your message across.

Accepting difficult behaviour that could irritate or upset the NLP professional outside of the job, is a stretch every time.

Some people seem to expect of NLP professionals that they have developed in such a way that they hardly get upset or irritated by people’s behaviour anymore. That is a misunderstanding, understandable for the reason that the NLP professional appears as if they are on top of it all the time.

They have that air as if most things come easy to them. They talk and move smoothly through complicated sessions as if it were their nature to do so.

At work or in private settings some of us believe things should go easy or smoothly. When obstacles occur, like lacking something or not having enough of something, we are likely to point out the lacking being the obstacle that held us back. It is in these experiences, that working with what is there, will get results and at the same time stretch our capabilities. That sounds simple and logical, but also impossible when the resources necessary are essential elements of a work process. Thus focussing on the resources and how to get these, in order to get the work proces of the ground, taps into creativity.

When we are looking for things that we miss and our attention is pointed what others have that makes their life easy, we start complaining and feeling that we have been dealt the wrong cards. And the these thoughts usually bring your mood down.

Things only fall into place when you start working with what you have, to get what you want.

Working with what is there is just another way of looking at things, a way of being in the world that makes the difference between developing creativity and blocking it. Anybody that faces challenges could fall in the imaginary trap of looking at what is missing, however clever they are.

An NLP professional should coach or enable them to turn things around by asking questions that remind them of their qualities and creative capacities. Everybody creates life in their own way and everybody brings about their creativity in their unique ways.

For people in the business of NLP, working with what is there means; coaching people to find ways to convey inborn qualities. Working with what is already there.