When coaching people who came to you for support in dealing with things that life threw at them, we must always be our best self. If we are not, we would not be in a position to offer support.

Probably you know how to step into your coaching role before your session starts and by that leave your personal worries behind.

Once in that role, it seems like you access superpowers that enable you to do your job.

Your skills and talents are always there for you, it seems.

What if there was some extra that you can add to all that you already have when you coach?

Some extra that allows you and your client to easily unlearn redundant patterns. And find new ones that fill the space that had appeared during the unlearning.

Life in itself renews us on a daily basis, how about renewing your ways in offering support?

In 8 days, you learn to apply the patterns that instantly connect you with your client’s topic. You recognize patterns that allow for growth. You explore your own patterns and conditions in coaching and how to update those. You learn the way that certain language-forms undermine or motivate connection and growth. And so much more.

How about starting the coming year with a dive in the deep and rise up from that depth refreshed and new? Needless to say that the interactive training will be facilitated via Zoom.

Contact us if you want to know about the 8-day training by sending a message here or look at the landing page. https://yosara.xtensio.com/NLP-Training