3-day intensive training


The training consists of 3 sessions with the same cohort group.

October 14,21,28 | November 11, 18,25 | December 1,9,16 (11:00 to 16:00 CET)

We offer you an intensive 3-day empowerment training
Have you ever wondered how the way you are with people influences your relations and work?

Structures in thinking
And would you like to learn how to help your clients so that they automatically decide and do what is best for them? Would you like to experience how to connect with their unconscious? Through the NLP & Clean Language training, you learn and experience how to work with patterns in the unconscious thinking of yourself and others through language. Just imagine what it is like when you positively influence, inspire, and learn from your clients while you help them!

Thinking successfully
Every healthy person on the planet holds beliefs about life and about their surroundings. The environment we live in, our friends or lack of friends, our work or lack of that, and so on. And we are unconsciously busy with expressing evidence of these things we believe. Structures in our brains, connect values, desires, upbringing, religion, experiences of the past, and current experiences. Structures influence how we do things and how we decide things. Our unconscious patterns in thinking steer us. What if we could build a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious?

Learning the techniques
NLP & Clean Language training is facilitated online. NLP trainer Yosara Geerlings has 20+ years of experience in training NLP for personal growth. Yosara will guide you through the unconscious thinking patterns and teach you the techniques to structure those. This is in-depth training and enables you to apply NLP and Clean Language in leading and coaching. The training benefits you if you value personal growth and the freedom to pursue that in your very own way. The training is accompanied by the book NLP for Coaching Millennials published by Yosara Geerlings. We work in small groups of 6 people, with the current examples of all delegates.



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