Project Description

You got your NLP Practitioner or even your NLP Master training and are ready to take the next step in learning. You have discovered about your self and wonder what else is there. The subsequent NLP & Clean Language training gives you the answers to any question you have about any thing. There is more learning about excellence in self and others and learning how to embody excellence then you could imagine. You consciously choose what you contribute in private and business situations and the effect you have by contributing in the way that you do. The methods you practiced during your NLP Courses and/or Coaching work come to light in unexpected ways during your NLP Mastery & Clean Language training. At work we want to be the best professional we can be in order to feel fulfilled. Learn about the structures that make your best self in different situations. Learn how to easily access innate qualities in order to get the results you want. The unconscious is often described as the part of the iceberg under the water that we don’t see. The immeasurable invisible part of us where there are no boundaries, no logicality, no time and no chronological order. There is nothing and there is everything in the unconscious. It is there where all qualities you might want, lay for the picking. Learning with NLP and Clean Language in small groups of max 6 delegates supports any professional coach, leader and business owner in growing personally. This results in growing professionally.

In our beautiful venue in Croatia, you are invited to participate in other workshops before and after your NLP and Clean Language training hours.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served on the terrace or by the pool. You are totally taken care of during your 8 days stay with us.

INCL.: Stay, meals and course materials


8 days

October 13 to 20  2018

2795  € All included (excl. VAT)

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