Project Description

SUCCEED is an international NLP Community 

We are a community for ongoing learning, hence we choose a verb for our name.

We want to be the place that you go to when life throws questions at you that prompt you to look inside for answers.

The answers to the questions inspire you to become who you are in that moment in time. They awaken qualities that lay dormant within you and are ready to see daylight.

NLP coaching and training is a way of finding those answers that reveal your true self.

That seems to be the purpose of life; to become all that you can become. And that is our purpose: help as many people as we can to reach their full potential.

For you?

  • for you if you are looking for a coach to support you with any challenge
  • for NLP trained coaches
  • for companies and non-profit organisations


  • Sue Knight’s audio: discover your excellence
  • Giving back opportunities
  • Talks with the carefully selected¬† NLP professionals via video calling

Interested in joining out coach team ? contact us via: info@succeed.word | +31629272753