What is modern leadership anyway? Modern leadership is only modern because of new technology, leadership in itself is what it has always been; pointing out the direction in which to take the next step. Many books that talk of modern leadership, share in different words the same points of view and messages. One of the many themes that they talk about is that the leader must mentally evolve at the high speed in which the technical world evolves. Though speedy mental development is one of the traits of leaders, it is their flexible and aspiring thinking style that makes them the leaders that they are. Should you want to learn from the leader that inspires you, the best way to go about that would be to explore their unconscious thinking to find answers to your questions. That exploration would make a great read on leadership, it implies that the writer steps into the shoes of the leader and then writes about the experience. Answers to questions  like; how did you get to this insight, how do you decide, when are you sure of a direction, are interesting when answered from within rather than based on external references and criteria .

The difference that makes the difference in leadership  is the leader’s  thinking style that is always directed towards possibilities and progress. The surroundings in which they chose to lead vary from a home, a school, a company, a country or even the world at large, it is all the same kind of leadership. Leaders  are able to see in an individual’s steps forward or global thriving companies the same dynamics; possibilities and progress. Even in difficult situations, they seem to have very sharp senses with which they notice qualities and possibilities that turn things around towards a desired outcome.

And what has that got to do with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)?

NLP is a concept that that knows a set of techniques that enable people to reach their goals and develop to choose to find the best versions of themselves in different situations. Some new comers to NLP experience the impact it can have and quickly start teaching (or preaching) it to others, while more experienced NLP experts  took time to embody the concept. The latter stand out in the crowd of NLP trainers, coaches and leaders in business. We may distinguish NLP Communication from NLP Modelling.

  • NLP communication in business is likely to bring about success in sales, marketing, management and consulting.
  • NLP modelling is more to do with discovering ways to develop in marketing, management or sales from a leadership point of view.

The essence  of leadership is modelling, you see, leaders thrive just as much on their flexible and curious minds as they do on their communication skills. And that is what modelling is all about; notice and aspire to embody the excellence that you recognize in your  surroundings. NLP thinking is compelling like leadership is, in a way that it is always looking for possibilities to learn from inspiring experiences.

Do you remember the last time you saw, heard or felt something that inspired you? And do you remember how this inspiration stirred something in you and prompted you to act? Next time, ask yourself how you would like to stir something in your surroundings. How would you would like to bring to the open, that characteristic of yours so that you inspire others to act? When know how you inspire, you know how you lead. That kind of leadership we might call modern leadership.