How would you want your surroundings to respond to you and how can you make that happen?

When you are leading a group at work, in a classroom or maybe you lead your family as a parent, you want to have a sense of direction and a state that supports your leading capacities. Our surroundings react to what we irradiate. If you want to influence positively or you want people to follow you when you are leading, you want your state to be supporting your outcome.

Think about how your state changes when a colleague phones you at the start of your day, and they snowball you with all their burdens. Or as a teacher, what happens when you walk in to a classroom and you see that the so called “difficult kids” are already picking a fight?

The state you sometimes suddenly find yourself in, can be any state of anxiousness, sadness, insecurity, slight depression and so on. You would not normally choose to go into such a state, they seem to happen to you.

Now think of how your state changes when you start thinking of a holiday or about anything else that you love.
States that support you would be; relaxed, excited, energized, confident and so on. And they also seem to overcome you.

In fact you can learn to choose your state. You see; the way you feel will always be triggered by anything that you perceive. Thinking of moments, is like perceiving those moments, you represent them in your brain. And your perception of moments is key to choosing your state.

Think of a very positive experience. Represent the moment in your brain and pay close attention to what you see and hear. Take some time to do this. Is there sound at all and what is the sound like? Are there different sounds or just one? Loud or soft? And are there colours and what kind of colours are they? Is the light bright or maybe more of an evening light? When you now enter the state of that very positive moment, you are actually choosing your state. How do you feel?

Any time you wish to choose this state you represent the moment in your brain the way you just did. Your brain initiates the state in a split second.

Choosing states with NLP gets easier every time you practice. Any one can practice NLP just like any one can lead in their own way.