Usually when writing a blog, inspiration comes first and is then followed by the intention to share with readers what inspired a person. This time I thought; lets just sit down behind the machine and wait for the blog to find it’s way from my unconscious to the screen without the influence of any experience.

The waiting took about 20 seconds and then I figured that NLP inspires my speech every day.

There just isn´t a day that goes by that we would not think about something that we might still want to do, somebody that catches our attention, a relationship that we evaluate, a job that needs thinking about and so on.

During all this thinking we utter language that might express our thoughts verbally but surely we express them in the things we do. And both – verbal expression and behavior – are based on thinking. And thinking that aims for clarity,  integrity, connection, and support, enable learning almost every day.

Writing this blog just now taught me how inspiration and life are intertwined. Whether inspiration comes from a feeling, a thought, an experience that we hear, see, taste or smell it is always through our thinking that the inspiration prompts us to do something. NLP aims to structure your unconscious thinking so that it results in conscious thoughts, feelings and actions. Achievement in life that might easily be discarded as being lucky has changed it’s meaning to consciously choosing the reality you wish for. And your inspiration becomes your reality.