What is it like for a team member to hear that they are seen as potential managers? Must be a motivating thought to go to work with every day. And on the day they that hear that the promotion is really happening, they must be throwing a party in their heads.

Many team managers start their leadership careers this way. With their promotion, openings for personal development emerge. The former team members are very good at their jobs, they know the company inside and out, they know the product, but they have no clue on how t0 lead others. We see team managers step into these situations  in many different companies.

Stepping up as team manager thus is the utmost moment to enroll in a leadership training or find a coach. Hopefully they learn how to change the way they look at the team, listen to them and pay attention to how individuals behave in many different ways. The team has suddenly become an immense pond in which very interesting information on resources and skills  is floating around. And another phenomenon in which a coach or a training supports the fresh manager is when they unconsciously split themselves in two parts, one part takes on their new role of manager and the other part hangs on to the role of peer team member.

Behaviour that both roles require must be very clear and that might raise an eyebrow with some team members who feel under appreciated by their former peer’s new behaviour. Learning and growing with NLP supports the new manager in many ways. They become stronger communicators and develop their insight in people through recognising certain structures in language. Feedback and practical NLP group training enable learning through experience. Coaches that work one on one might carefully design assignments for their clients that stretches them on the work floor. Both ways bring to surface that quality that is lies dormant in the person self.

NLP coaching and learning differs from regular coaching in the way that rules and methods of leadership training are replaced by interactive procedures that evoke creativity, flexibility and authentic excellence. NLP coaching and training underpin the uniqueness of every human’s thinking and learning, hence NLP sessions are unique experiences.

And what a joy for any NLP professional to support these fresh managers, they bring so much material for the NLP professional for growth. It is a win/win all the way.