All-Year training

For professionals in leading and coaching. Key focus: Integrity and authenticity in leadership.
2 training days per month. 20 training days throughout the year. Join at your convenience. All the NLP & Clean Language training sessions are newly designed around experiences and themes from the group. Delegates are business owners, leaders, and certified coaches. Expect a lot of learning! To take part in the year training it is required that you have participated in an NLP Practitioner course.

Join on the 1st Friday and/or the 3rd Saturday of each month from 11:00 to 14:00 CET. That is 6 hours per month. All sessions are delivered via Zoom.

2022 Friday , January 7 & 15, February 4 & 19, March 4 & 19, April 1 & 16, May 7 & 21, June 3 & 18, August 5 & 20, September 2 & 17, October 7 & 15, November 4 & 19 | Holiday breaks in July and December

For € 299,00 plus 21% VAT per month you get the best training & coaching in NLP & Clean Language you can buy.


For HR managers, this a splendid way to offer your coaches and leaders training for professional development at their own pace.

Results of the sessions:

√ Enhanced awareness of self.

√ Personal growth that leads to professional development.

√ Effective communication skills.

√ Influential leadership skills.

√ Recognize undermining patterns in communication.

√ Understanding of the subconscious thinking.

√ Apply techniques that enable to work with the subconscious in coaching and leading.




For whom?

If you are a leader in any profession, or you coach other people, then you know that learning is ongoing. During the group sessions you experience what it is like to be the leader that you choose to be. Discover elements of your style that influence others in ways you did not know. How to always see the opportunity for creating prosperity in your surroundings. If you are that person, then this year training is for you. To certify for NLP Practitioner or NLP Master, you attend at least 15 sessions after which you deliver a project. If you are ICF certified you are invited  to become a member of our coaching app

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