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3-Day intensive training

Structures in thinking
Would you like to be able to coach people so that they learn to decide and do what is best for them? Understand how the structures in their unconscious thinking influence what they do?

Join the intensive 3-day empowerment training.
You learn and experience how to work with patterns in thinking through language. Just imagine what it is like when you positively influence and inspire from an authentic place. You will learn how to apply NLP and Clean Language get to that state. The difference that makes the difference is that we practice with examples and personal situations so that you experience the learning. That is the way to really learn.

Learning the techniques
You will be guided through the patterns and you practice the techniques. This is in-depth training and enables you to apply NLP and Clean Language in coaching to get the results your clients came for. The training also benefits you if you run a business, or manage a team. We work in small cohorts of 6 people, with the current examples of all delegates. You will be able to take the All Year course after delivering a project that demonstrates how you apply the techniques.

What is in the training for you?

√ You choose the adequate moments to apply NLP and Clean Language 

√ You recognise and understand how patterns in language influence experience

√ You connect the conscious and subconscious minds to enhance awareness and sense of self

√ You apply coaching in leading a team or a company

√ You get the methods that enable personal growth

√ You set compelling goals for your clients and/or team

√ You update your influencing skills in communication



 Join the 3-day intensive if you want to renew your coaching and leading skills. 

Price € 1.199,00 for 3 days

In 2023 a new training starts ever month except for the months July and August.

For information about our offers to coaches, please send an email to mail@yosara.com

For whom?

The group sessions are designed to experience leadership in communication while applying NLP and Clean Language. Leaders and coaches discover elements of personal styles of influencing. Focus of the training is solution thinking that enables to see the opportunities for creating outcomes in difficult moments. Recognize and change patterns in thinking that empower or undermine you, the person you speak with, or the situation.

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