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Clean Language & NLP

Clean Language is a communication form that helps to lead or guide people towards an outcome. By asking Clean Questions you allow the other person to explore their solutions and ideas that bring them forward in life and work. The online training enables you to do just that. Finding the answers to questions that life throws at us.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) may be approached as a method that enables you to easily recognize patterns in thinking through communication. Then you see how these patterns affect the person and their situation. 
Integrating NLP with your everyday thinking results in consciously choosing the effect that you wish to have in communication. Subsequently you do things in a way that allow the results you look for to come to life.

Everywhere you are, you influence. Often we are not aware of that. In the role of teacher or leader you know that you influence, but do you know how you do that? And how is that in private life?
“Know yourself and what you want to be like in new situations”

Training with Yosara is lifechanging according to Yosara’s students. The training is intensive, practical, and personal.

3-Day intensive training

We offer you an intensive 3-day empowerment training. Have you ever wondered if and how the way you are with people might influence your relations and work?

All-year training

For professionals in leading and coaching. Key focus: Integrity and authenticity in new leadership. Two full training days per month. 20 full training days throughout the year. Join at your convenience.

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