Work with what is there

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To people in the business of NLP, working with what there is, should mean accepting whatever an individual or a group brings to the table and work with that. Including difficult behaviour. Working with what they bring is the easiest path to bring your message across. Accepting difficult behaviour that could irritate or upset the [...]

Modern Leadership and NLP

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What is modern leadership anyway? Modern leadership is only modern because of new technology, leadership in itself is what it has always been; pointing out the direction in which to take the next step. Many books that talk of modern leadership, share in different words the same points of view and messages. One of the [...]


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Usually when writing a blog, inspiration comes first and is then followed by the intention to share with readers what inspired a person. This time I thought; lets just sit down behind the machine and wait for the blog to find it's way from my unconscious to the screen without the influence of any experience. [...]


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Leading and sales may be used in one and the same sentence if we are able to distinguish process from communication in sales. The processes and strategies in sales are part of the general curriculum in sales trainings. Communication in sales involves a lot more than knowing and implementing smart strategies during the process of [...]