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What is self confidence?

We all know these people that burst with self confidence. They walk into any place like they own the place. They appear online or on tv as self assured and knowledgeable. Their smiles are appealing. Who does not want that same self confidence? And how to get it or be it?

The last question has meaning to it. Are you self confident or do you have self confidence? If it is something you have acquired in a course about self confidence it means you have it. You know how to apply it in certain situations. That is cool. But then again, the things we have, we can lose. 

For example, at work you know how to express yourself with confidence. You have learned how to get across your message with the right words and the right body language. It works well. Then you are going on a date. You apply what you have learned about self confidence in the course. Probably you lose it because the technique does not work on a date.

Being self confident means you be that wherever and whenever. It is a state of mind rather than a thing you know how to do. So, how to get to that kind of state of mind?

There are tons of trainings and courses offered for achieving this. How to choose the right one? Getting to that state of confidence requires exploring your personality on a deep level. 

Deep level as in in-depth soul searching. That is how you find your inner self confidence, that part of you who knows exactly who they are. That part of you that reveals itself when nobody watches. When walking in the woods, when singing in the shower, when cooking a favourite meal, and the list is endless. Do this exploring in an interactive training or in one on one coaching sessions.

Key in the training is that your trainer or coach personally supports you. A professional trainer or coach recognises your unique personality and characteristics. They ask you the right questions. Look for this training here

A webinar or online modules teach you how to have self confidence rather than how to be it.

If you would like to get support from a coach to learn to be confident is a certain aspect of your life, look at coaches here https://succeed.world Your first session is free of cost!