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Difficult conversations.

Are you sometimes doubting about how to say what’s on your mind or heart? Thinking of the right moment, the right words? Whats is effective communication in difficult conversations?

Avoiding conflict or sparing people’s feelings often results in the contrary of what you’re intending to do. This is because you assume that you know their reaction. You take your assumptions for facts and there you go: conflict happens. 

What can you do and how do you know that you are doing the right thing?

Ask yourself if that thing you want to say contributes positively to the moment or to the situation or the person. In professional conversations much depends on your role in the company. 

Your characteristic communication style influences the people you work with. Whether bringing across tricky messages comes easy to you or not, says something about your style. Are you aware of how the other person hears your message? Do you get the results you intended to get? And how can you be sure of that?

To see and hear three different perspectives; your own, the other person’s and the objective witness’s who is often not in the room helps tremendously. 

The same is true for private conversations. 

Would you like to train yourself in awareness of the way you come across? Consider how you want your message to be received and make sure it is received that way? Would you like to train yourself in communicating in a way that feels right for everybody in the room?

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Or you can speak with a coach to explore what happens when you speak your truth. That is different from looking for the cause of a problem. You look for patterns in thinking and for solutions. How to update the old patterns and create new ones.

Talking with a coach happens online. Here is a website that offers you free discovery sessions with the best professional coaches. ICF certified coaches are professionals that have conducted 150 coaching ours with clients. https://succeed.world