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We see it frequently on Instagram and other social media channels.

Digital nomads living the dream, travelling the world, enabled to do this due to their work being remote. The internet connection is everywhere, even in the most remote areas in the world there is the internet.

Digital nomads, as the lucky ones are called, seem to have a discipline that we as coaches can learn from. Why is that?

It is because our brains are wired in a particular way. We experience the world in the present time and we take steps into the past and the future. We all do this as humans. 

Visiting beautiful beaches while keeping work up to date implies that home and work are anywhere in the world where there is a roof over one’s head, a laptop, and wifi.

Working from home does require that the brain is in work mode, connected with work and the company. People who are able to connect to work while sitting in paradise seem to be able to detach from time and space while working. They might detach from their surroundings knowing that after a while all they do to be back in paradise again is close their laptops. 

Detaching from time and space is a useful skill in many other situations as well. 

Easily stepping from one world into the other is when one steps into the world of other people to learn about them and from them. Apply this skill in coaching and you will get to ask questions that are comfortable for the person you speak with. 

Detaching yourself from time and space in order to connect with your client may be what your client requires from you as their coach. To be with them in their world to discover their skills, talents, answers, solutions to problems and ways to change and develop into how they were meant to become. 

Clean Language and NLP training enable us to do just that. Contact us for details. All our coach trainings are in real time (CET) and online.