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What happens when you feel anxious?

And what can you do when you feel anxious? 
Anxiousness is felt physically somehow. Maybe you lay awake at night, maybe you feel pressure in your chest or stomach for no reason.
Unconsciously or consciously you worry. 
If we can rationally explore this worry, we often find solutions or answers that calm us down. But after a short while, the annoying feeling we thought we had rid ourselves of appears again.
To really deal with anxious feelings we need to dig a little deeper into the subconscious. Find out what undermining thoughts that we are unaware of are playing parts. Thoughts that you are unaware of because you are caught up in work and trying to enjoy a social come from unexpected places. They can be old thoughts mingling with new ones, your brain does that all by itself. If you become aware of this you structure your thoughts in a way that bring about other feelings than anxiousness. For example, motivation to achieve something rather than fear of failing at something. Train yourself to think in a way that results in energising feelings. This involves more than reading and saying positive affirmations out loud. The affirmations have to come from within. The affirmations that we read on walls on social media came from within the person who wrote them. And we can get to our own personal affirmations with a little help from a well-trained coach.
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