“I have known Yosara for several years. She has attended several of my NLP courses both in India, France and she has been to several of my talks. She is much more than a delegate – her presence inspires and supports others. She is a true professional dedicated to learning and giving all the time. Her attention and focus is unwavering and she is a remarkable example of mind and body being one… being fit in every sense of the word. I am proud to be associated with her.”
Sue Knight, , International NLP Trainer, Business Consultant, Speaker and Author
“Yosara provided a one-day introduction to NLP. Although the time was short, Yosara gave a usefull and interesting workshop. I got a very good idea of the possibilities of NLP during the workshop.
Yosara is down to earth, follows a pleasant pace, is very knowledgeable on the subject and is not shy in challenging her trainees.”
Pascal Gerlach
“Yosara has an exceptional capability in training people, making them aware of their verbal and non verbal communication and helping them improve their communication skills in a natural way”
Nathalie ter Wengel, Director Business Development at Galapagos
What an experience! The training in Malaga was very well organised and fully met up to my expectations. Yosara has an amazing way of training. In the short time I spent with her she showed me how I can use NLP techniques to change my patterns in communication and behaviour so that I can respond differently and more effectively to what I observe in others. Thank you Yosara, the training was a real eye-opener.
Judy Habich
Yosara is an excellent trainer and coach. I am on a journey of self development and learning with her for almost 5 years and I cherish every step of the way. The training in July 2017 in Spain took place in a relaxed environment with a fantastic group.
Osolya Szuks

Yosara NLP Training

During your 8 day NLP course with Yosara NLP, you’ll be presented the NLP thinking style which you immediately integrate in your communication through training. On the 8th day you take with you a deeper understanding of influence in communication as an ongoing strategy of self development.
Small groups of maximum 9 delegates enable us to hear, see, and feel how the uniqueness of every encounter in daily life offers learning and growing.
Besides that the NLP Practitioner program is filled with techniques and methods that support your leadership style. All the techniques are moulded into exercises in such a way that they build up your communication skills like a muscle builds itself in sports, yoga and other physical endeavors.

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Master your self by mastering inspiration that you see and hear in your surroundings. How does greatness work? What is the meaning of your own character and how do you support others by being who you are?

  • find out about the structure of unconscious ways that make you feel, think and act in daily business
  • learn how to model what inspires you in your surroundings
  • be a rolmodel by clearly expressing what moves you
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A perfect online NLP course for beginning coaches and managers of every kind.

This course enables you to apply NLP in coaching and managing people to reach their potential.

NLP is a means to achieve personal & professional results through communication.

Structures in thinking are easily recognised through language once you understand the NLP Principles.

Change your language in thinking to change how you experience and how others experience you.

NLP supports any coach and leader to communicate in a compelling way.

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What are your characteristic traits when you lead others and companies? How do your outcomes influence what you think and do? What else contributes positively to your relationships and how does this happen? And what can you learn about yourself regarding your outcomes?

NLP Leadership training is particularly suited for professionals and leaders that are curious to know the answers to the above questions.

The NLP program is also for those leaders who experience professional development as ongoing learning at a personal level.

Today the world asks of us to look at the way we communicate in many different ways. The 5-day NLP program enables you to up the way you communicate with those that surround you and with the world at large.

The location in Andalusia is key to your learning. The beautifully decorated mansion, the breathtaking views, the sounds of nature and the warm people that make our stay comfortable will for ever mark your mind and heart.

Our delegates come from different countries and walks of life. How ever a certain degree of education or professional experience is required.

Please email with any questions to mail@yosara.com or leave your email address by clicking  here

Your reservation includes:

  • your stay at the mansion
  • your meals
  • the NLP training
  • syllabus
  • Yoga if you like
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How do you get the results you seek by applying your characteristic patterns in thinking?    

Find out at the PepTalks event in Amsterdam on March 1 & 2!     

  • Lead self and others to achieve outcomes   
  • Align what you want with what you do   
  • Set compelling goals
  • Structure your subconscious patterns conveniently

Come to the two-day PepTalks in Amsterdam!

What is PepTalks?

PepTalks is an NLP based training that enables you to structure your thinking and feeling so that you get the result you are looking for. In interactive sessions, trainers Yosara Geerlings and Dr. Deepak Mittal show you how to work with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and powerful thinking. This way train entrepreneurs, managers and other professionals to become more effective in both their work and private life.


PepTalks is coming back to the Netherlands in March 2019.
There is an Early Bird offer of €199, – valid until January 15! After that tickets cost €399,- 

* incl. Extensive lunches, coffee, tea and the complete PepTalks syllabus.

The program

In two intensive days you dive deep into the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming. At the end of the second day you leave the building with new understandings of how your mind can work for you! This is what you learn during the program:

Day 1:

  • Discover structures in unconscious thinking that motivate or restrict you     
  • NLP techniques for personal leadership explained and applied     
  • Ideas to billionaire thinking
  • Methods to lead in communication

Day 2:     

  • Align what you think with what you do        
  • Next steps for your personal growth     
  • Relax under pressure    
  • Energise your body

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e-training LEADERSHIP

 Free e-training Leadership (Dutch version)